Tips for designers to become better copywriters, from the experts: Part 2

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If you missed part one of this series, here it is!

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Roxanna Aliaga is a UX Writing Manager at Dropbox

Balancing scannability with a conversational tone is core to the UX writing craft.

Optimize for scannability

Talk to your users

Allie Moreno is a UX Writer at GoPro

Read copy aloud.

When you’re writing copy, there is probably a clear goal or idea in mind — particularly if you’re designing a web flow or mobile app.

Accuracy, clarity, personality. In that order.

Rebecca Cha is a UX Writer & Content Strategist at Deloitte Digital in Los Angeles

Voice and tone go a long way towards building user trust and loyalty.

But what do voice and tone really mean?

Voice directly represents a brand

Tone can change depending on the circumstance

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