Top 5 Goals for 2018 — Jess

Goal 1: Become a well known writer on Medium

What’s stopping me: the perception that I don’t have time, when I do have time I’m tired. Also sometimes, having ideas — or feeling like I don’t have good content ideas.

What I need to do to achieve this goal: write at least three blog posts per month, perhaps write about controversial topics, schedule time to write into my calendar.

Why this goal is important to me: honestly, probably because I’m looking for recognition, but I really enjoy and want to share my thoughts, knowledge and perspective on topics that I’m passionate about in order to help other people.

Goal 2: Continue my fitness journey (year two) to become even stronger with a focus on building endurance as well replacing fat with muscle.

What’s stopping me: the main challenge for me right now is that I’ve plateaued a bit and it’s harder for me to make the same amount of progress that I have in the past. Also, balancing rest and recovery with training and training with everything else that I want to / have to do in my life.

What I need to do to achieve this goal: tighten up my diet, be very consistent and deliberate about what I put into my body. Work more conditioning into my program and potentially increase the amount of workouts per week.

Why this goal is important to me: I want to look and feel my best; training started as a way to get fit but now it’s a personal challenge and I want to see how far I can push myself. Strength gives me a type of confidence that I’ve never felt before, it’s a new identity for me.

3. Create a content-rich, research-based site about workout myths

What’s stopping me: just getting started, doing the research and writing the first article. The perception that I don’t have time to do this while working a full-time job and training. The subconscious concern that this might be a crappy idea or there’s not enough scientific research to back the articles.

What I need to do to achieve this goal: research and write, a lot. Get feedback on the articles I write, continue generating a list of the most common workout myths.

Why this goal is important to me: I’m combining two things I’m passionate about: training and writing. I want to build a site capable of generating passive income and this is a test.

4. Create a concept for a healthy, affordable, fast casual, veggie-centric, food chain.

What’s stopping me: Figuring out where to start with what type of menu or food. Thinking that the best chains (Sweetgreens, Thr1ve, etc.) have already been done, how can I possibly do better?

What I need to do to achieve this goal: Understand what type of concept, brand or food could be popular with people in a market with existing competition. Understand food costs enough to design a menu that can be affordable and also profitable.

Why this goal is important to me: I’ve always loved feeding people and also Chipotle’s model, but moreover, eating healthfully is a challenge (or not a priority) for many people. In America, by 2048 almost everyone will be overweight — we need more healthy food options.

5. Learn React Javascript

What’s stopping me: Starting the first lesson. The concern that it’s going to be so over my head that I won’t make it past lesson one. It’s much more comfortable to do something I think I’ll be good at.

What I need to do to achieve this goal: I have already bought a course on Udemy and a friend of mine is doing the same course! I need to begin the first course and commit a certain amount of time per week to doing it. Maybe my employer will let me carve out time during the week to do it.

Why this goal is important to me: I’m interested in branching out my skill set and doing some divergent to product design, which I’ve been doing for awhile. Learning React will also allow me to someday build my own apps, which I’m really into.

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