Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

Fuck 'em.

The contract in this country has always been that, if you work hard, you might, maybe — combined with a large dose of luck — make more of it than a paycheck. But most likely not, because, for one of many reasons, you could never be that guy. Your GI Bill was decades of unsustainable postwar prosperity that enabled a regular guy with just a high school education to own a house in the suburbs, two cars, and a boat, on a single income. How long did you think that was going to last?

And during their boom, it’s not as if they cared who was paying for it, or who was being forced to sit out, as long they got theirs. For decades, it was good for them to write off everyone else as simply looking for a handout and a free ride. Let them have their own medicine for a while.

This is nothing more than complaining that the free lunch is over. I’m sorry that you only had half a century to get ready for the day when robots and free trade made your job irrelevant.

To be perfectly frank, as someone who comes from one of these towns, these are homes where “look at what the niggers are doing to this country,” is the start of normal dinner conversation. Before the white thinking class tramples over itself to join the circle jerk of praise for the forgotten white working class, let’s have some circumspection and contrition.

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