Don’t Doubt Yourself

It’s a new week. The start-up isn’t quite “starting up” as fast as I had envisioned it. Doubt is creeping its way in. Should I really be pursuing this? Should I give up? Should I go look for a “real” job? Is this for me?

These are just some of the thoughts I’ve been having lately. You might be thinking to yourself, “Where did the good vibes go?”

Why so negative?

So, I wanted to take a minute to address the whole, “I don’t have enough experience” thought process. I’ve heard so many of my frustrated friends talk about how they’ve been turned away from jobs due to a lack of experience. As if college was a time for us to gain real life, real business experience (rolls eyes). That idea can become very crippling if you let it get to you. I’ve caught myself thinking, “What am I doing? No one wants to use someone with very little experience!”

The truth is that if you’re feeling this way, you are certainly not alone. Yes, having job-specific experience is very beneficial and it can you a more credible candidate for that position. But we all have to start somewhere. We all deserve an opportunity to learn and to grow. We all come from different places in life. We all have gone through a lot of different things. Through this we have gained unique experiences that perhaps no one around us has gone through. And for that reason, each and every one of you have experience that is valid and valuable to any employer/friendship/relationship.

Maybe I’m just fed up with the system; the fact that job experience is given a greater value over real life experience. I would argue that the lessons that life has to offer are far greater than the lessons that you learn sitting behind a desk and sifting through time-consuming emails. But maybe that’s just me.

So now what? What can you do after you’re done reading this rant?

Step 1: Believe in yourself. Trust in the lessons and the experiences that you’ve gained through simply living life. Figure out a way to use what you’ve gone through and apply those lessons to the job/career you are searching for. Get creative.

Step 2: Go out and get the experience (this is something that I struggle with). The tools available to us are incredible. If there is an area that you need more experience in educate yourself. Find a tutorial. Find a book. Find a seminar. You don’t need to be employed and have your whole life figured out in order to gain. experience. It starts with you.

I would argue that the lessons that life has to offer are far greater than the lessons that you learn sitting behind a desk and sifting through time-consuming emails.

So friends, do not fall into the lie that you have zero experience. It is possibly one of the biggest gateways to self-doubt. You’ve been through a lot. You’ve learned from your own life experiences. Now, focus your energy on taking those lessons life has taught you into the work place, into your relationships, into whatever it may be. We certainly won’t get anywhere if we continue to sit around thinking about how we don’t have enough experience. Go out and get it. Put yourself out there. Push the limits. I promise you, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do.

Together, let’s reach our full potential.

It’s a vibe.❤

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