And it teaches a lesson that every child needs to learn

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Erik Lehnsherr (Magnito) being separated from his parents in a Polish concentration camp. X-Men: First Class — Twentieth Century Fox

The other night, I decided to watch X-Man First Class with my boys (11 and 7). At least once a week, we sneak off into the basement to watch a movie. As you’d expect, we’ve seen most of the superhero movies by now. I’ve even watched the hardly pg-13 version of Dead Pool 2 with my oldest (don’t judge). So I didn’t overthink picking First Class. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how much the Holocaust was part of Magneto’s origin story in this reboot.

I ran into a similar problem with the original X-men movie, which was the first time I had to gloss over what was happening during the concentration camp scene. I don’t shy away from being open with my kids, I usually answer any question they have. But, even I have reservations on how to explain that 6 million Jews were rounded up, shipped off to death camps, and murdered. However, based on the other movies we have watched, they had all of the contextual pieces in place to ask much harder questions about what was happening during the beginning of First Class. …


Jesse Freeman

Head of Developer Relations at Samsung Next and creator of Pixel Vision 8. These are my personal thoughts on gaming, productivity, and 25+ years of development.

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