4D Printed Nuclear / Solar (or Even Water?) Powered Sports Cars

Brainstorm Pro has made some radical conceptual technology developments.

We are exploring the possibility of nuclear powered cars and air / sea vehicles.

Nuclear power is a political issue that most tech developers are unwilling to explore deeply.

Einstein himself did the research required to create nuclear bombs — But his work mostly went into the hands of the governments.

So we have to think out how these interests meet with all sorts of businesses and issues ranging from tobacco and pharma to legalized marijuana and mushrooms.

Also, where nuclear power intersects with culture and the music industry.

However, after delving deeply into nuclear politics research with some assistance from the heroic investigative journalism work from the unsung heroes of the modern world, like Barry Chamish…

Reporters written off by MSM as crazy for discussing UFO’s and the bizarre internal dynamic of high level Israel/USA/Vatican/Russian geopolitics…

We may have found the insights needed to create a nuclear powered 4-Dimensional idea actualization device.

Brainstorm Pro could potentially allow users to take classic windows computers (not even new computers required necessarily)…

And use group collaboration to manifest objects, with the assistance of nuclear powered 4D printers.

The actual vehicles could potentially be nuclear and/or solar powered…

Maybe even water powered if that technology is in fact possible.

Let’s face it: The genie is out of the bottle — Now the challenge is channeling it into consumer objects and navigating the complex geo-political-religious implications of weaponry and space exploration.

Brainstorm Pro is seeking immediate strategical alliances in the Bay Area California to use nuclear technology as part of a matter manifestation project.

The forces in this sector may actually be fairly dangerous, (Is the gardener next door wheeling trashcans around with earphones a Russian agent setting up a chop box?).

So obviously having financial interests of some top technology firms in California aligned could be beneficial.

The benefit to the firm in the Bay Area willing to jump into this would potentially be the development of the first nuclear powered civilian space vehicle…

And market positioning as maybe the leading future space travel firm.

As basically all perpetual nuclear energy devices have the potential to be weaponized, some research and study may have to be done into the implications.

For example: a religious zealot with understanding of mechanics could obviously probably disassemble the cars and produce a bomb fairly easily.

That is why our company seeks to get way past superficial understandings of religious conflict in mainstream media and get to the heart of the issues...

Because hey: Those who know, know it is basically all business anyways.

We hesitantly have delved into weapons productions with Brainstorm Pro weapons and home security systems…

We have a new look at solar / electric powered home security that potentially allows for turrets with multiple head shot kill capabilities on any competitor looking to steal secrets or other force seeking suppression of truth, freedom, and great technology.

The specifics are a bit complicated and top secret, but it is actually possible to do remote home security via mobile device or have turrets to detect all human forms and give the user options for rapid decision making.

For more details or to talk about strategic alliances visit http://www.brainstormpro.com/contact