Stephan’s Dirty Dozen — 12 Organic Products to Avoid in 2017
Stephan Neidenbach

Straight up its not about organic or non-organic. Its about mono-culture vs. traditional crop rotation. The whole politicizing you are doing is a red-herring to the real issues that are threatening food saftey.

Look I understand your desire to be skeptical but be skeptical of yourself and stop hyperbolizing a counter-arguement that in some cases becomes just as detached from reality as the one you are railing against.

If you are concerned about healthy food for healthy people you really need to look into supporting the One Health Movement. Go do your research and you’ll realize that this battle you are waging between organic/gmo/non-gmo is totally bullshit and that your efforts would be better spent promoting better conditions for workers, safer treatment of animals, and smarter use of the environment through better crop rotations, water management, etc.