A Timely Rescue from Regret

My experience with secondary schooling was quite unique. It was an adventurous and eventful period of my life filled with stress, tension, fear of the unknown and lots of manoeuvrings. I attended Nigerian Military School, Zaria. A ground for both academic and military training. I was called a boy soldier and was expected to live up to it. This was a completely new experience for me coming from a civilian background and I had to adapt as fast as possible.

In the course of my training at the Nigerian Military School, my limits were stretched and my capacity to endure was enlarged. It was required of me to participate in school activities that required much endurance to accomplish such as obstacle crossing exercises, cross country races, drill parades, bush camp exercises where I had to dig trenches and sleep in them, watermanship exercises where I learnt to overcome my fear for drowning, bouncing from heights training where I completely froze on my first attempt and had to overcome my fear of heights. These were coupled with having to deal with unfriendly and cruel senior boys. Indeed it was really challenging for me but I was able to adapt and endure.

The pinnacle of this challenge was the day my left elbow got fractured and dislocated in the course of my training and I had to write exams with it. This was a painful experience coupled with the fact adequate medical attention wasn’t given. Actually a wrong diagnosis was administered by the doctor and it was presumed that I had only sprained my elbow. During the holidays, after proper medical assessment, it was discovered that my left elbow was fractured and dislocated, and as result of the prolonged period without proper treatment, there was a high risk of my left arm been permanently deformed. Immediately adequate treatment commenced to address the situation. Notwithstanding this fact, it was a fifty-fifty chance at stake.

At this point, I made up my mind and decided not to return to Nigerian Military School. I approached my parents, disclosed my present situation to them and also informed them about my decision to quit while seeking to be enrolled in a more conventional school but the response I received wasn’t expected. I had to struggle for weeks before coming to terms with the feedback I received from my parents after much reflection. My parents simply told me that it was important for me to complete whatever I had started and to endure whenever I encountered obstacles. That no excuse was worth failing to complete my schooling at Nigerian Military School, relaying to me that the experience with my elbow was just a temporary setback which will be resolved with time and it shouldn’t deter me from completing my training.

Finally, I resumed school three weeks into the resumption date and had to summon courage drawn from my parents counsel not to quit at the brink of concluding. Utilizing the one year remaining, I performed excellently. Despite all odds, though at the verge of throwing in the towel, courage drawn from a timely feedback came to rescue, and i was delivered from a path which would have led to regret.