Striving for Excellence

As the popular saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step in the right direction. This has proven true in my personal experience with programming, where I embarked on the quest to become an Andela Fellow without prior coding experience. For the records, my programming journey started with the Andela Home Study curriculum and with great devotion borne out of interest in software development I consumed as much as I could from the home study pack.

In view of this, coming to terms with the day’s self-learning task I realized there was much more for me to learn and also the need to get knowledgeable in certain areas to bridge the skill gap required to accomplish the task at hand. So I adopted the strategy of learning on the go, my focus was on studying relevant concepts and applying them to specific areas of the day’s task.

The most challenging aspect of the day’s task was building a simple command line application that consumes a public API using HTTP Client library. I didn’t know what an API was and the task at hand required the use of API in application. After enquiring and trying to figure out what to do, I decided to take a quick course in Codecademy on ‘How to use APIs with JavaScript’ and I also watched some videos which provided enlightenment on the use of APIs.

This experience stretched my learning limits as I was able to learn and implement new concepts on the go. Thanks to Google and YouTube.