Medi Club: A Place for Modern Meditators

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I’m 30. I stay out late and party. I start my own businesses. I use emojis and ride a skateboard. I go through a lot of break ups. I travel a ton. I get exhausted, I get excited, I get sad, I get inspired… and I meditate twice a day.

I’m a modern young person and thanks to my meditation practice I remain grounded, I trust my intuition and I find excitement in the unknown.

In the past five years that I’ve been practicing, I’ve watched meditation become a critical part of the lives of many other modern young people. People with hectic schedules and demanding social lives. People that are not master yogis or hippies or Buddhist monks. People that are self-starters and designers, bar tenders and bloggers, DJs and iOS engineers.

Meditation has gone from esoteric and unattainable to trendy and easy to access. While I’ve been excited about the buzz, something has been missing: a community designed specifically for meditators like us. A place where we can discuss the huge benefits as well as the consistency challenges that come with maintaining a practice. A group that encourages innovation through being present.

Welcome to Medi Club. Once a month, we gather for an NYC group meditation followed by a discussion (sometimes with a leader in the meditation space).

The idea is to keep the growing community of Modern Meditators connected, learning and meditating regularly

We have three focuses:

  1. Meditate with like-minded young New York meditators
  2. Discuss how meditation relates to modern issues like relationships, creativity, sex and business/life balance; explore innovations and breakthroughs in the meditation space
  3. Supercharge your practice with new knowledge and consistent interaction with a community

Our NYC group is intended for people that already have a meditation practice — this will not be a meditation class. We are “practice agnostic” — open to all different types of meditators, from Vedic to Zazen. This allows us to learn about various practices through the lens of our peers and encourages us to discuss the differences.

And perhaps most importantly, we are building an influential community of New Yorkers that share meditation as a common thread. If our group can organically inspire others to meditate, we will make the world an exponentially better place.

Founder of The Big Quiet. Connecting people to their power through meditation, community and leadership.

Founder of The Big Quiet. Connecting people to their power through meditation, community and leadership.