James Darin Jacoby (2/3/84–1/13/07)


I hear your isolated tears falling gently to the dirt.

You are a part of the soil now, you climbed your way back into Earth Mama’s womb.

Some say you arrived too soon, but I know you had to find a way to heal your wounds.


You left with no fear.

Created the only lasting cure.

Now you are pure.


No more court mandates or medications.

You chose your last sedation.

Established eternal unification.

The train tracks carried you to liberation.


I know your mind was controlled by psychotropic pills.

Against your will, forced to consume the poison eating away your soul.

Part of a medical experiment you never wanted to join.

Your strength to endure nine long years of prescription torture and pain empowered me more than you will ever know.


Maybe you did not mean to leave as soon as you did.

Although we wish you had stayed, we all accept your decision as is.

The courage you garnered to take on that train was your only escape from the fate of a psychiatrist’s negligence.


You are everywhere now.

That shooting star, the electric energy could be you.

Everywhere I look, in all I see move, I notice traces of your silhouette.

Maybe you are walking on the moon.

The butterfly emerging from her cocoon.

A mysterious flower waiting for the sun to rise so he can bloom.

I feel your rhythm in the blues.

I wonder if you visited the redwoods first, or made your way to the forests in Peru.

As sad as I am, I know freedom was waiting for you.


Please don’t cry no more, you shall be happy.

This Western society had you so confused.

There is more to life than fitting into a system constructed from abuse.

You are a living example of how drastically this paradigm needs to be improved.


Now you can dance and the skies will rain.

No more pain.

You can fly with unbroken wings.

No more trouble in your brain.

You have found what makes you sane.

Maybe the solution, always, was to get away.


You are everything now.

That bolt of lightning, those drops of rain.

The luster on a lion’s mane.

I feel your energy all around.

The sun is now your soul.

The roots are your bones.

Earth has become your throne.

The universe is your home.


I see you walking in the distance.

Hear you talking.

Feel your presence.

Your soul is never-ending.


You discovered the miracle drug.

Learned how to rise above.

Your spirit now helps me understand what is love.


You are everyone now.

I see pieces of you in each who passes by.

A part of you glimmers in Nevaeh’s light.

There is some of your strength in Arlo’s might.

Your smile never dies.


I hear you laughing.

Could never forget your voice.

Still feel you tremble.

I know you had no choice.


An angel started a new life.

You walk by my side.

Teaching me not to be blind.

Opening my perspective to see beyond the propaganda and mainstream lies.

Leading me out of darkness and into the light.


Maybe you are a Messiah in disguise.

The magical child within who only wants to be recognized.


Jesse J. Jacoby © 2017