Do we have free will?

Are we in control?

For some people it can be profoundly confusing to try and understand that we may not have free will. That we may not actually decide our actions ourselves.

I get it. It sounds pretty fucking crazy, but I’m going to run you through one hypothetical scenario which may leave you thinking about another existential question.

The answer is: We do not know.

Imagine that we are 100 years in the future and Artificial Intelligence is far more advanced. Imagine you’re the world’s best AI-programmer.

You program a small creature in to a video-game. You name your creation…Donald.

Donald is programmed to handle every situation and encounter randomly, with a few pre-destined solutions you’ve designed. So let’s say Donald randomly picks one card out of a deck of five cards, to decide it’s course of action.

The trick is, though, that Donald is also programmed not to realize that its choices are random, instead it is programmed to believe that it is its own choice every time.

Sure enough, you might say: “We are real though, we are no computer code.”
Now you program Donald to also think: “I am real. I’m not coded.”

Do you believe there is intelligent life outside earth, somewhere in this almost infinite universe? You probably find that very likely.

Imagine some alien dude, with access to so much more advanced artificial intelligence, programming a bunch of “humans” somewhere.
Now you’re getting mind-fucked.

Where’s the difference now?
Can you certainly tell the difference between “real” and “coded” in the world around you? You only know what you experience, since you cannot actually, in any tangible way, have someone else’s perspective.

We just don’t fucking know. It is simply a question of belief.

So next time some seemingly crazy person thinks that we are all living in a simulation, don’t judge them too hard.