Abstraction in 20th Century Art: Ad Reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt, in the studio ca. mid-1960's
Ad Reinhardt in the studio, ca. mid-1960’s. Note the horizontal painting technique.

“I have a lot of things to say. It’s actually the same thing over and over.”

The Lectures

MICA Mades Audio Cassette Collection, MICA Archives, Decker Library
MICA Mades Audio Cassette Collection, MICA Archives, Decker Library

The Paint

Learn the techniques behind Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings — and why there is no pure black paint on the canvas — with IN THE STUDIO instructor Corey D’Augustine.

The Paintings

Untitled, 1938
Collage, 1940
Number 22, 1949
Number 111, 1949
Number 107, 1950
Abstract Painting (Red), 1952
Abstract Painting (Blue), 1952
Abstract Painting, 1960–61
The Black Paintings

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