How to tell apart amateurs from the ones that know what they’re doing (Blog #43)
Mimoza Cena-Sokoli

Haha, unlucky about the question!

Depends what an amateur is. If it’s based off time, then it’s pretty easy to determine which ones are amateurs.

If you look at it deeper, it all depends what they’re doing before you can determine.

For example, lately almost everyone I know seems to think they’re pros at social media marketing and are starting up social media marketing companies and seem to over look that posting photos to a profile is like 0.0000001% of what social media is about.

Even right now by commenting on this post, we’re starting a conversation. Most people wouldn’t even think to comment on a story, instead they’d just ‘like’ it.

To me what determines an amateur from a pro, is hard work and knowledge.

How much do they know on the topic and are they consumed by getting better.

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