Why Your New Years Resolution Sucks And How To Fix It

People are starting to think about the New Year and I’m slowly seeing articles creep up about setting Resolutions. I thought I’d way in on what I think about them.

New Years Resolution’s are the biggest load of crap and are a complete cop out! A lot of us are thinking it, someone needs to say it.

A New Years Resolution is a goal someone sets on New Years with the desire to complete it through out the year.

Sounds really good right? A person making a move, taking that jump and chasing their goals.

Well, no it doesn’t when you think about it.

Not one bit.

I want this to be really obvious:

If you can put of your goal and wait for a certain day to start, you’ve already failed. You don’t really want it.

Here’s why they suck:

The Trap of ‘Tomorrow’

For one, why not start now?

Why not start today? Imagine knowing exactly what you want and then thinking ‘Actually, you know what? I don’t really want to start now, so I’m going to wait another two whole months before I even start to act”. This is the classic trap of ‘tomorrow’.

I’ll start tomorrow. It’s not the right time….

Well here’s a pointer, you can never catch tomorrow. It’s always in the future. If you know what you want, go for it now.

If you can wait another two months until you start chasing your goals then you don’t really want them and you’ll never achieve them. A goal needs to be something that consumes you. Something you jump out of bed for everyday.

Here’s an example and It’s a harsh one.

Let’s say you’re overweight. You know you need to lose weight, so you’ve got your New Years Resolution ready. You’re going to lose 40 pounds throughout 2018. This might sound good but it’s not. By saying this, you’re most likely giving yourself a false sense of relief. You feel like you’ve taken the first step to achieving your goal by saying you’re going to start in the future.

Well guess what? You haven’t achieved anything.

You’re overweight now. Why on earth do you need to wait to start? All you’ve done is re-enforce the fact that you’ll never achieve your goals because they’re always in the ‘tomorrow’.

You’ve got to actually work

Continuing with my point on if you can wait, you don’t really want it. People mindlessly pick out a random thing they would like to achieve and forget that this doesn’t mean the goal is going to just show up out of the blue. You have to actually work. You have to 100% commit and no specific day is going to mean you’re ready for that.

Just because it’s New Years doesn’t all of a sudden mean that everyone is ready to work extremely hard to achieve their goals. This comes naturally. This comes when you truly want something.

Failure to plan

If your goal doesn’t have a plan then all you have is a dream.

Dreams only ever happen in your head… while you sleep. It’s like wishing for something, yo’ll never get it.

The thing about a New Years Resolution is it’s generally impulsed and not well thought out.

Again, if you don’t truly want something, you won’t create a plan and you’ll never reach your goals.

You did it to follow the pack

The most obvious of them all. You made a resolution because everyone else was doing it and you wanted a super cool thing to post on Social Media.

I’m not even going to waste time on this point. Stop following everyone else and do whatever makes you happy!

I promise you, if you’ve just randomly selected a goal for New Years, not only is it blatantly obvious you’re not going to achieve it but you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Did you know that 80% of New Years Resolutions fail by February?

I strongly believe that this is because if you can put your goals off, you don’t really need them. Like I said if you truly wanted something you would work everyday, all day, until you reach it.

So, if you’re serious about starting a goal, start now. Don’t wait. If you can wait, you will fail.

But how do you start?

You start today. You should have started yesterday but you can’t relive the past.

I break my main goal down into the smallest steps I possibly can so it looks easy. For example, if I wanted $1,000,000 in 5 years. I would break it all the way down so the steps were along the lines of ‘Write a blog post today’. Obviously there’s other steps but that’s an example.

Here’s an example of how I break them down:

  1. Main goal
  2. 5 year goals
  3. 3 year goals
  4. Yearly goals
  5. Quaterly goals
  6. Monthly goals
  7. Weekly goals
  8. Daily goals

As you can see, I go as small as possible.

After you’ve done this, be consistent. Don’t ever skip something because you’re tired or sick or whatever your excuse.

Using excuses will only give you a sense of validation until you realise no one else cares about your excuse and the world didn’t stop moving.

You have to realise that the second you stop all momentum is lost and you’ll have to start again. I’ve written a story on this here, if you want to learn more.

Start your goals today, not tomorrow.

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