The key to happiness? Productivity and the Journey

How to maximize your life:

You are like a dog, you need to be trained, molded, and held accountable for your actions. It is my belief, that when people feel like shit, it is due to them not holding themselves to their personal standards. Remember that everyone gets to choose their standards — so this post only pertains to those who wish they had higher standards.

For those who wish for something special in life: happiness, money, love, purpose; it will not come to you unless you actively seek it. You need to channel your burning desire and your passion for something greater to go after the dream that scares you, and to not stop until you make progress.

Too many people either wait for the right opportunity, the right placement, the right “time”, or end up giving up before they ever make any certain progress.

Life is scary, life is challenging, life is what you make of it. Being a recent college graduate, I finished the structured part of my life, the rest is up to me to go out, seize, and create. If you never step outside of your comfort zone and reach toward your dreams, you will never realize your full potential.

I heard about this exercise called the “When I’m 80 exercise”. Do you want to look back at your life and think “Wow how did I do all of that!” or look back and say “Wow I wish I had tried some of that”. Remember that excuses are lies that you tell yourself to feel better, if you want it, you can do it.

As Tim Ferriss’s latest TED talk points to. It’s not only important to list your goals, but list your limiting beliefs, habits, and fears that are holding you back. This way you can define, think of ways to prevent, and think of ways to repair the actions that you dare to take if all goes wrong. You will find that the benefits of trying will well outway the cost of inaction.

As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, if you are happy with your lifestyle watching House of Cards, every Sunday football game, Xbox, whatever it may be, then you do not have the right to complain about your financial situation. Because there are those out there who are working daily, and every hour of their day, to develop the skills, knowledge, passion, motivation, determination, and persistence to succeed — and they will.

Because as Tony Robbins would say, the only thing that is needed to succeed is a passionate alignment with your mission, a vision and path towards your success, the mind-numbing persistence and determination that the world’s most successful bring to the table.

As I like to say, “If you want to be an anomaly, you have to act like one.” — Gary Vaynerchuk.

I would like to make the following recommendation to anyone smart enough to take action on these words: Read (or listen on Audible) to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Here are two finalizing takeaways from this book for this post:

  1. The person with more certainty and conviction will win — this goes for your dreams, and for persuasion.
  2. Results are 20% mechanics and 80% psychology — It is less about how you do it, and more about the positive thoughts, surrounding influence, and consistency.

Get out there, train your mind, your body, your soul, and your sight to align with what you want your ideal life to be, and don’t stop until you see some results. If you want it that bad, you will make it happen.