Are you ready to accept the challenging role of medical lab technician?

In case you are inquisitive regarding the profession of a medical laboratory technician, then you first need to know about the job responsibilities of a lab


Job description of a lab technician

The medical lab technicians have a very crucial role to play in the health care sector since they are the ones who are answerable for diagnosing as well as stopping

the ailments of the patients. Many of these ailments can be fatal. Thus, medical lab technician jobs bring along huge responsibilities.
The lab technicians work under the supervision of the Medical professionals who carry out the difficult procedures as well as assessments like lab physician or

managers & are required to conduct assessments of the specimen which are given to them. These specimens help the doctors in confirming the causes of sickness.
The medical laboratory technicians are mainly capable of specializing in different areas along with:

• Blood Banking
• Clinical Chemistry
• Cytotechnology
• Hematology
• Immunology
• Molecular Biology
• Microbiology

Working Environment

Almost all the technicians work at the workplace of the physicians, laboratories & hospitals. Some of them can also be seen working in the pharmacy laboratories,

Public health organizations, blood banks, organ banks, clinics, etc.

Due to the nature of the labor that leaves very less margin for mistakes, the workplace is lit effectively, sanitized and cleaned. Protecting clothes need to be worn

the whole time while handling the equipments as well as specimens of the patients.

Job responsibilities of medical lab technician jobs

Some typical responsibilities that the lab technicians have are:
• Examining the body parts
• Accumulating samples of blood
• Analyzing the chemicals content of fluid
• Matching the blood-compatibility which is needed for transfusions
• Getting the specimens ready


With an aim of working as a medical laboratory technician, a person needs to have a few certificates or degree from a well renowned institute. The Certificate

applications generally take one to twelve months to complete, while the associates applications take one to two years to accomplish. The applications start by teaching

in college regarding the evaluation as well as medical laboratory equipments during the 1st semester. Various subjects that the college students need to study are

urinalysis, Applied Immunology, Biochemistry and human anatomy.

As soon as the application completes, the students may acquire certificate by writing the exam which is conducted by the American Society of Clinical Pathology or the

American Medical Technologists. They can offer material for the examination also.

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