Increase your potential to earn by becoming a certified legal video specialist

The industry of legal videos is growing at a very fast pace. Thus, the scope for the growth and development of independent legal videographers as well as owners of small video businesses is also growing. The best place for starting your business in legal video depositions is by recording the depositions that is the testimony of an individual which can be introduced as an evidence for trial. It is a very easy job. You just need to shoot the subject who is being interrogated and simply capture whatever he or she is saying.

Little or no post production work

There is very little or absolutely no post-production work, no addition of music, no voice over narrations, no addition of graphics, titles or motions in this work. All you need is just the basic equipments for video deposition. But, this does not mean that there is no skill required for the job of video deposition. Video deposition is considered to be a legal document and thus it should be done in a particular way so that it may be presented in the court.

An untrained or unprofessional videographer having a low quality camera can’t undertake it. Only a legal videographer can do this job.

Prior experience in the legal field not required

The best part is that the videographer can get this job without having any prior work experience in legal domain. If you can handle your camera well and have the basic equipments, you can easily do it. In fact those who already have a lot of equipments and know a lot about videography may have to un-learn a bit as deposition needs to be done in some particular way.

Earn some extra money

The legal domain is huge and this industry is ever growing. This isn’t a business where the competition is very high and the rates of billing are very low. Since the clients are all professionals, you may charge your rates according to the time you devout. The average bill of deposition is approximately 100 dollars for an hour.

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