Why the World Needs the Mannequin Challenge

One example of the new trend sweeping the web.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Like everyone is moving in life except for you. Life is too short to stand around, even if that’s what the crowd is doing. With so many 20-somethings just stuck these days, we need to ask the hard questions. Is society failing them… or are they just doing the Mannequin Challenge?

This is not a morbid post about failure, that’s for a dark and rainy day…or I guess just a darker and rainier day. This is also not hard-hitting journalism, sorry if that’s what you’re looking for. This post is about the newest internet craze and why it is oh so important to our society.

The Mannequin Challenge is in full swing these days as people everywhere are freezing their frolicking to forge their footprint into the freshest fad. All you need to do is imitate those fashionable and sickly pale mannequins you see anywhere. It’s as if someone walked into a room and yelled freeze, though for your own safety, I wouldn’t suggest that.

Now why is the newest in Internet Challenges so important? When examining the other massive social media trends and challenges in the last six months or so, which there are a ton of, I see a very common theme. They are not all as easy as standing still!! In fact, most are much harder!

Here are the biggest ones lately. We got the Running Man, but you need rhythm man. We’re watching people Whip and Nae Nae, but if you can’t running man, this is the Whip and No No. And hardest of all, Water Bottle Flipping, two words: flipping impossible. Maybe you’re hip with it, as someone who isn’t would say, and you’ve been working on your “Ju-Ju” to slide, drop, and hit the folks. Don’t stop, unless you’ve mastered all of all these social media skills.

Que, the Mannequin Challenge. Stand still, that’s all you got to do. You don’t have to post a video of you dancing in your bedroom to be involved. Just freeze. Be with your friends, doing whatever you do, but don’t move. It’s simple and easy and you don’t need a year of youtube dance lessons or a recyclable Dasani bottle to participate. You’re welcome.