This picture was taken just 116 days ago.

That day, the Supreme Court was hearing arguments in a case called June Medical Services, LLC v. Russo — otherwise known as the case that could decimate Roe v. Wade and upend our reproductive health care system as we know it. I traveled to Washington to join other champions for reproductive justice on the steps of the Court, making our voices heard.

I know A LOT has happened in the past 116 days, but I haven’t forgotten about this case for one minute. In fact, as the economic impacts of COVID-19 have…

On Sunday, I attended a Black Lives Matter Vigil in Easton

America is on fire. Peaceful protesters outside the White House are hit with tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the way for a Donald Trump photo op. Trump calls governors names and threatens the use of military force against those standing up against injustice.

Our communities are in danger. Our democracy is in danger. Black lives are in danger.

Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many before them were murdered. Period. They were murdered because far too many in our society don’t see Black and Brown people as human beings.

Let’s be clear — this is not…

This is not a drill. The Coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the United States. Massachusetts is under a State of Emergency. This is a scary time. Calm preparedness and a commitment to keeping ourselves and our communities safe are the orders of the day.

But how to do that when you’re running for Congress and your job is to be in crowded public spaces, interacting with people– often with a handshake or a hug? You put public health first, and the campaign second. That means supporting our state and local officials and medical professionals who are working with fervor to…

I won’t bury the lede: I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren for President on Election Day here in Massachusetts next week.

I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren for the same reasons that I’m running for Congress: to fight back against the hate and backwards thinking coming out of the White House and to fight for the future that all of us deserve. We need to create a fair economy that works for everyone. That means fighting for health care that everybody can afford and access, fighting to protect reproductive rights, fighting to break down the barriers to opportunity and inclusion born of…

Credit: Boston Globe

I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated by a crumbling transportation system that we have known has been failing us for years — a system that’s holding people back, contributing to economic inequality, fueling climate change, and making it harder for our economy to thrive. And I’m perhaps even more frustrated by proposed “solutions” which so far amount to putting a band-aid on a patient that desperately needs surgery.

Earlier this month, Governor Baker stood in Boston before many of the state’s most prominent business leaders trumpeting himself as the transportation governor. In his fifth year on the job, in the throes of…

Jesse and others marching in Pride with Planned Parenthood in 2010
Jesse and others marching in Pride with Planned Parenthood in 2010
Marching in Pride with Planned Parenthood in 2010

The bottom line: reproductive rights are under attack, and I’m going to do everything in my power to protect them — just as I have my entire career.

Reproductive health care must be affordable and accessible for all people.

Rights in Jeopardy — Right now

An individual’s right to choose is in jeopardy to an extent not seen for generations. I am grateful to the friends and family in my life who have been open with me about their experiences with the American reproductive health care system, particularly with their personal experiences related to abortion.

Since nearly 1 in 4

The Seattle Central Library, designed by Rem KoolhaasA famous Dutch architect has got me thinking about the future of transportation in Massachusetts. Stay with me here …

A famous Dutch architect has got me thinking about the future of transportation in Massachusetts. Stay with me here …

Rem Koolhaas, celebrated architect and a professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, is the man behind the acclaimed Seattle Central Library. In 2004 The New York Times called it “a blazing chandelier to swing your dreams upon. If an American city can erect a civic project as brave as this one, the sun hasn’t set on the West.” Once upon a time, the same could have been said of major transportation projects in Massachusetts (ok, perhaps minus the “blazing…

What the Massachusetts business leaders of today can learn from their predecessors about social responsibility and civic engagement.

Portrait of John Hancock by John Singleton Copley. c. 1765

Business leaders have a reputation for not wanting to rock the boat when it comes to activism on issues of the day. Here in Massachusetts, history tells us otherwise:

John Hancock: prominent Boston merchant and signer of the Declaration of Independence who used his financial resources to help support the Patriots.

Lydia Pinkham: businesswoman and marketer from Lynn who opposed slavery and segregation and spoke out on issues of women’s health

Henry H. Rogers: leading Industrialist from Fairhaven who helped build Standard…

Much has been written about the influence President Trump’s foul language and behavior is having on American children. Kids are learning about decency and humanity at school and at home, only to see the leader of their nation bully and mock people at every turn. I am not a parent, so I will leave that analysis to the moms, dad, and childhood development professionals of the world.

What I am, however, is a woman whose career has been in politics and public service. That is relevant here because I felt called to public service as a little girl. My parents…

Beyonce is expecting twins, as is human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. Thanks to Serena’s Snapchat slip-up we know that she is truly the G.O.A.T. — winning the Australian Open while pregnant. Pregnancy is a hot topic of conversation these days, and not just in the pages of People. In Washington the conversation centers around whether a pregnancy with no significant complications should result in a 425% premium increase, or if maternity care is an essential service. Here in Boston, we’re debating whether pregnant workers should be accommodated in the workplace.

Last week in the State House, the Joint Committee on…

Jesse Mermell

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