Choose people who choose you

As my dear friend Karlie Bigham said it “this past weekend is kinda a blur… I learned more than I thought I would about sports, cars, and travel… but mostly the power of friendship and God’s protection.”

Long story short, we were headed home from a road trip Karlie and I decided to embark on to Virginia. While driving through North Carolina, 7 hours away from home, our car went into hydroplane mode, spun us off the road and into a ditch. We survived.

Walking away from that wasn’t the challenge, the challenge was actually finding our way back home. Ill spare you the details, after hours of many phone calls, tear filled breakdowns, and a 12 hour bus ride, we did in fact make it home.

Ive learned that you’re not only blessed with the people you get to have in your life, but that it’s a choice you make. Now choose wisely, the ones you choose might or might not choose you in return, and that can be a paralyzingly painful thing to endure. But when they do… what a rush, like a breathe of fresh air.

I’m thankful that Karlie chose me, even in the midst of desperation, she didn’t just put up with the fact that she was inevitably stuck with me, instead she chose to be my friend, to be comforting, kind, hopeful, sympathetic… even still she texts me every day wondering if I’m okay, I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend like this, but she’s mine, and what a blessing that is.