Things I Hope For My Daughter

My wife and I have been living in Thailand for that last month, patientally awaiting the arrival of our first child. We’ve been living in Cambodia, but the healthcare is so much better in Thailand that it made sense for us to come stay here for a couple of months and my wife and baby could receive proper care.

As a first time dad, I have been filled with a lot of emotions over the last nine months. Fear, joy, stress, love, and hope just to name a few. But as we approach the final days, I can’t stop thinking about hope. I look back at my family and think about the hope my parents had for me when I was born. I listen to the news of terrorist attacks, the US presidential election, and climate change and start to wonder about the world my daughter will grow up in.

The world is a messy place, people are messy, but there is always hope. These are the things I hope for my daughter.

She feels empowered to be herself

We are all different and there is a lot of hate in the world. I hope she feels that she can feel accepted and just focus on being herself, no matter what.

That fear won’t hold her back

Fear hits me hard. My wife is usually the fearless one. I hope my daughter learns from her mother and not let fear stop her from anything.

She loves unconditionally

Loving people is hard. It’s messy. And it sometimes it just hurts. But I hope that she’ll have the guts to love people like it won’t hurt.

That she’ll experience true equality

We have a lot of work to do on equality. Women are still not equal in a lot of people’s minds, at work, in church. I pray that. we’ll get our shit together and start treating women as equals.

She’ll love herself for who she is

I already love her no matter what. I hope she can do the same.

She can see the world

Living overseas has been the biggest life change I’ve ever experienced, outside of my faith in Jesus. My wife and I have traveled and see amazing cultures. I’ve always felt living in cross-culture environments makes people more tolerant and engaging of people with different views and beliefs. I hope that she will spend time living in other cultures.

That she will take care of her health

My health has always been a roller coaster. I’ve been 300 pounds, and I’ve been 175 pounds. As I focus on improving my health, I hope that she will take it upon herself to be healthy. To exercise and eat good healthy food.

The environment will be better

We are doing awful things to our planet. We all have a part to play and I hope that she grows up in a world that is getting better, not worse.

She discovers fulfilling work

I don’t care what she does for work, but I hope she finds something fulfilling. Money isn’t everything, but finding something you care about working on is important.

She embraces creativity

I hope that she learns that it pays to be a creative person. People who find creative solutions to problems, or can create something from nothing provide tremendous value the world. I hope that she learns that she can be creative in all things.

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