An ode to my bikes

Thank you to my dad, for pushing me to trust gravity rather than fear it.

Thank you water, wind, and shifting plates for topography and landscapes.

Thank you grommet makers, aluminum welders, and fabricators of Allen head screws.

Thank you to Caprotti, Da Vinci, or whoever it was who first dared.

Thank you to hillside sculptors with their McLoed’s and pole axe’s carving. And to the donkey who bore the bridges before they were built.

Thank you to physicists and chemists, for geometry and compounds….resilient and sure….mostly.

Thank you motocross riders, for suspension and disc breaks….And for riding somewhere else.

Thank you to last nights rain and this mornings dew, and to me for remembering to oil my chain.

Thank you to helmets and branches that break and luck or unbidden angels that keep the the fractures small and lacerations superficial.

Thank you to everything that came before and that has come together to make these wonderful machines that keep the child within me alive!

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