Jesse, do you notice differences in how awkward it may be between Fi and Ne subtypes of IEE, or is…

Good question. I think the answer would be somewhat subjective — again, I’m speaking from my own perspective, as a LSE and as a person, and I’m not necessarily sure what I’m saying is universal in that sense. Nevertheless…

I generally find more introverted IEEs a little more fluid in that sense (rather than two strong leads or two strong extroverts), but I think what I’m getting at is the tension that can exist between any two extratims. My response probably fits with “more introverted IEEs being more like EIIs”, sure.

But when it gets to that specific a situation I’d also look at things like enneagram — as in, the other extreme, say, a very introverted EII (Self preservation instinct first, maybe), might feel “more distant” than I’d like. Yet this is kind of getting arbitrarily specific.

I think, over time, the differences between extratim and introtim come out more, even if there are varying degrees of social introversion or engagement within a “type”.

So I guess the answer to your question, yorachel83, would be, ultimately the same in the long run.

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