That makes sense.

Sure. I don’t think IEEs are inconsistent, of course, but more, I can interpret the 4d Fe and not being Fi 4D as “more inconsistent”, based on how I am. I think that’s the interesting point of the theory. Even beyond “consistency”, I’d say that’s what a Te dominant might rely on more to evaluate merit.

Perhaps for a Fe POLR (ISTp / INTp), instead of consistency, they might need someone to use Fe in the way I’m saying doesn’t work for me, to feel the equivalent of what I’m saying. Perhaps they’d see the Fi creativeness and 4D Fe as more reassuring or convincing, and the relative mutedness of Fe dominants as less convincing.

I think this is the ‘fun’ or interesting part of the theory; everyone would like to have someone who is consistently interested in them — but how that is interpreted, what that means, what works for them, all of those things might come in different forms or shapes, depending on a person’s psychological lopsidedness.

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