The sky keeps me alive

Where is wonder?
Who needs wonder, especially in times like these

The Knowledge, it weighs heavier with each month
Months are just years 
Years are just distance and relation

“Away From.” 

All of the ills — all of them — are so much easier to see, now
So, too, the means by which the seeing is done
The means by which The Knowledge is obtained

And yet,

Step outside in twilight, starlight
Away from the man-made things
Freedom, lightness, vitality — connection?

I would ask, earlier, if they were:
“Are you the same stars?”
Maybe — maybe the same act of viewing

Maybe the same act of eyes turned on, turned up
Towards the heavens
Though alone or in company, tangible or believed,

There is a bond, a lifeline
Of which the midday, 
Of which workday chatter, is alien

This earth sustains our lives’ forms
Yet the certainty of how the sky keeps us alive
Is known vindicated

Unhurried in routine, patiently flowing
Eternity; the oldest companion, ever welcoming 

August 2016