Day 14 Founder Journal

Have you ever been seeing someone either on a physical level or an actual relationship and their ex pops back up and things go sideways? Well let me tell you about this one gal I dealt with. Now I know your probably saying to yourself, “Jesse has had some wild experiences.” You are correct, I have- I guess it is just my style of doing things that puts me in these precarious and entertaining situations.

So I have been dealing with a young lady and due to our busy schedules we rarely did anything outside of “Netflix and chilling”. We actually went out to eat I think twice and had a good ol time talking together. She is fly, has a cool personality and smokes weed (which always made for entertaining conversation between us). Me and her and some extreme chemistry in the relations department (I have not yet gauged the age of folks reading this yet so I wont dive into details about just know it was LIT 🔥). We would see one another every few weeks, she had kids but I think most of the time she would end up staying the night with me. There would be occasions where I would go to her place but something in my soul never allowed me to be comfortable staying the night so I would always leave (thank you Jesus). I don’t recall how we slowed down our communication but things just fell off and I remember out of the blue one day about 3 months after the last time we had seen one another I sent her a texted telling her to come see me. She told me she was seeing someone and that she couldn’t.

Now I’ll be honest I hate hearing NO and it hurt my pride a little bit but I did not let that stop me. I told her, YOU are seeing someone — I am not, so you can still come see me because I won’t be calling him telling him you are with me 😂. She continued to text and tell me that, “I wouldn’t do that to you so I won’t do it to someone else.” I just replied with a simple, “OK, well WHEN you change your mind I am here.” Now what I didn’t know is that the father of her children had been released from prison (I know what your thinking, when I found this out it is a clear GIANT RED FLAG to haul ass in reverse but I am a glutton for punishment and make sure I get my way so I carried on) and they were back together. Now I knew nothing about this guy (didn’t wanna know or need to know) but she happened to tell him everything about me???? WHAT THE HELL? I guess when he got home he of course asked her about who she had been seeing/ sleeping with and she told him about there were two guys she dealt with while he was away and one of them she really ended up liking but doesn’t see anymore (of course i’m the one she liked and I’m thinking to myself you dumbass WHY WHY WHY would you tell this man this).

So let me tell you what this psycho dude does, he starts doing research on apps that you can use to spy on peoples phones from your phone and he installs it on her phone. He can now from his cell phone see every text and call she makes on her phone in real time. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME- this dude is fresh outta prison and was convicted of the dumbest crime but is resourceful enough to put tracking software on a cell phone. Man why didn’t you use some technology while committing crimes, it could have kept you out of trouble. But anyhoo- I guess her telling him about me made him extremely insecure so he started being extremely extra with her. Now since he was released she has really done a great deal for him- placed him in a job, cell phone, bought him a car- she has really held this dude down. Oh let me rewind, right after the time I texted her and she told me she was seeing someone I get a request from some gang banger on Facebook. You could tell this dude was a hard core gang banger, he was out of jail but posing in his Facebook pictures like he was still on the yard. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because I did not know what was going on.

So this back to this friends request on Facebook… I get it and didn’t think twice about it #1 because I am not active on Facebook #2 people send me requests on Facebook all the time and I never look at them and #3 I am not active on Facebook. Now a few weeks pass by and I ended up somehow getting some type of alert that I had messages on my Facebook from this person. Y’all this dude was trying to contact me on Facebook to talk.

We will stop here and there is much much more to this story first thing tomorrow morning. To be continued…


Originally published at on January 26, 2016.

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