Day 17 Founder Journal

Day 17 — I am new to Medium but I was browsing along and it’s just funny to me how at certain points of your day, week, or life things just fall into place (or out of place) to make you realize something. I came across a post from Srinivas Rao and there was a question that was in the writing that caught my attention

“What if you said no to EVERYTHING that isn’t on track with your bigger purpose?”

My jaw dropped… I have recently put some serious goals out for myself and mapped out what exact steps are needed to achieve these goals but one thing I never thought about was, saying NO. So as I am reading the post it just kept hitting me and hitting me- JUST SAY NO. Like how important is this to me achieving my goal. It’s only been a few weeks and I have already had 3 new job offers, someone wanting me to go into business with them, and a few other instances where I could have said YES… but I actually took a few moments to think about things and it didn’t align with my vision board so I chose to say NO.

Oh and your going to get all type of backlash when you tell someone no- It is actually quite hilarious. When you tell someone no it’s like we all have that childhood trait that immediately sends us into a pouting stage or we want to talk and talk and talk some more about all the benefits of why you should say yes. Stick with your NO decision and let your reason for saying NO (it not being on track with your bigger purpose) be the only thing you think about. I just wanted to drop a few paragraphs on yall today I think I will have some more entertaining stuff to write about tomorrow.



Originally published at on January 30, 2016.