Listen Up, Bot: AI Trigger Words and Phrases

Kill your bot’s bounce rate by using the best AI triggers for intuitive user experience.

Planning your AI for human prompts for your bot that are both predictable for customers and functional is essential for moving the interaction forward.

This short article relates a useful mindset when planning AI triggers, and it also includes several helpful tools for your planning.

Think like your audience; let’s implant ourselves in their narrative. What goal will your service provide them? What, by your service, is your audience trying to reach in two or three messages at maximum?

With your customers’ goals in mind, let’s try to predict how your customer might ask for help in reaching it. You must establish the “How, what, when, where, and who” that your customer is going to use first with your bot, and then establish the most likely language that will be used to achieve the goal provided by your bot.

Here are the tools to find the specific words that your specific customers are going to use when they meet your bot and start to ask it questions:

1. Google Search — Using Google’s predictive results in the search bar will show you how most people are phrasing the request you built your bot to fulfill. Use the SEO page results to build an idea of the specific demands and services related to the function of your bot.

2. Frequency Dictionary — A frequency dictionary lists words by their usage and will list the most commonly used and most understood words among your user-base. This will narrow the middle-to-difficult part of your audience’s language habits by huge margins.

3. Google Trends & Adwords Keyword Planner — Once you have some key words you are certain your customers will use, put them into Google Trends or Google’s Keyword Planner to discover popular ways of forming phrases around them.

Use your research to build a solid base for AI trigger recognition, and then keep testing and testing! Check for the phrases that perform the worst and check for improvements with the three tools above. You will be sure to see higher numbers and more in-depth engagement between your bot and your audience.