The Pull of Speed and the Push of Eventual Sameness
David Cohn

“…the reason why articles began to load so slowly is because of all the javascript in the background…some of [it] not for readers but for advertisers — admitted).”

We must visit different neighborhoods on this web. Where I go, 95% of the javascript serves advertisers’ and publishers’ interests, not mine. I know, because I ‘view source’ fairly often. (Many sites fail to load correctly when one takes measures to foil the trackers.)

So what you see as constraints on your ability to create I see as a beautiful decluttering. Getting back to the basics of text is a good thing. If readability is the goal, it is not surprising that sites are converging style-wise. But uniformity of appearance does not imply uniformity of content. At a glance, a page from a Harlequin romance looks just like a page from Hemingway. It’s the content, and its accessibility, that matters.

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