Keeping your house dumb is the smart move
Ryan Falor

weary, as in tired, or wary, as in suspicious of? The spell checker can’t help if you spell the wrong word correctly…but enough with the nitpicking

Ten years ago I installed home entertainment systems. The high end jobs often included programmable lighting and environmental controls in addition to audio and video. Getting all the pieces to play nicely together was a mess. We were told that standards for home automation were five years out. Now, ‘home automation’ has evolved into ‘the internet of things’ and unified standards are no closer.

I like your distinction between tools and toys, and endorse the advice to play with the toys and leave the tools unconnected. I just ordered an Amazon Echo. Of all the devices I have seen in this last decade, it seems likeliest to be the great unifier. With its popularity and buzz, I expect ’works with Echo’ and ‘there’s a skill for that’ will become requirements in the connected devices space.

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