I was working on a series of components yesterday for a new page we’re building out. I had two components that were structured broadly like this:

const styles = {
root: {
'&:hover $link': {
link: {
const Link = withStyles(styles)(({ classes }) => (
<a href="#" className={classes.link}>Link!</a>
const Container = withStyles(styles)(({ classes }) => (
<div className={classes.root}>
<Link />

A container component is rendering a wrapper with a Link sub-component and both the Container and the Link sub-component are using JSS withStyles to inject classes into the tag. …

I recently attended an engineering leadership summit and the evergreen topic arose of whether engineering managers should code. The consensus in the room was generally in favor of managers continuing to contribute critical work for all of the standard reasons. These arguments essentially boil down to the argument that the general should ride into battle with their troops lest they lose sight of the challenges of battle or lose the faith of their soldiers. A manager who does not code, some say, will not be able to understand the daily challenges of their reports. As they step away from coding…

I started baking sourdough bread about a year ago. I’d tried before to learn how to bake with the Tartine Bread book, but I found the instructions obtuse and overwhelming and I gave up after two failed attempts to get a “starter” going. A coworker recommended Josey Baker’s book and its more approachable instructions re-ignited my interest.

When I first started baking, there were so many things to learn and so many different recipes, techniques and instructions that I went crazy reading, experimenting and trying to perfect my loaf. …

Yesterday was my last day at Square. After 5 years, I’m moving on to try something different.

For the past year, I’ve been leading the roughly 25 person engineering team for Caviar. I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished over the past year to grow the team, set strategy, organize the team to best achieve our goals, develop a group of managers and build strong relationships between cross-functional partners and our product team. However, I was shocked and a little horrified to realize that over the past 3 weeks, since announcing to the team that I’d be moving on, I’ve made…

After spending the past year learning about great presidents in our past, I lament our lack of strong presidential leadership. I wrote this piece in the form of a speech — I hope that some day soon, we have a president with the foresight, vision, leadership and strength of character to give us a message like this:

We are faced today, as a nation, with several serious challenges. We are losing jobs in our country as companies take advantage of low cost transportation and cheaper labor abroad. More, we are losing jobs as technology advances and automation reduces the need…

Jesse Reiss

startups, tech, financial crime fighting, and regulation. cto @hummingbirdfin. formerly @square, @trycaviar, @ucberkeley.

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