Media Prophets

In my experience, there is one issue that many sections of the church have largely ignored, or at least tried to. That issue is gender equality. In the current political climate, many churches ignore this issue or try to brush it aside rather than cast a critical eye on what they believe regarding a woman’s place in the world. Oftentimes this issue is simply skirted around until an inciting incident brings it to the forefront of the discussion.

In my home church, the issue of gender equality was buried until the church decided it needed to switch denominations due to other issues within the denomination as a whole. Up to this point, everyone largely assumed that others agreed with their stances on a woman’s place in relation to the church. Many thought that they were to be treated as equals in all ways. This includes holding leadership positions in the church, like becoming elders and deacons and such. Of course, many others found this to be preposterous, and a large debate was sparked on the subject.

Because the church largely pretends there is no conflict on this issue, people on both sides of the debate relied heavily on their own personal opinions and conflicting interpretations of scripture. It would have been very nice to have some well reasoned and thought out journal articles defending one or both sides to help people really examine how the modern church is different from the early church and what their views of women were and how that should influence us today.

If the Christian media would shine a light more directly at issues like this, not from a political but rather from a strictly Christian point of view, people would be able to be better informed when issues like this arise. We need media prophets to cast an eye in our direction so we can learn and grow in a more effective manner.