10 Pop Albums You Probably Didn’t Listen to in 2018, But Absolutely Should

Listen, I know that a lot of music comes out. It’s hard to keep up! But if you’re a fan of pop music AT ALL, you should check out these albums.

1. Mø — Forever Neverland

Mø is great and has been featured on many songs but this album is her second and it is great. Aren’t I such a beautiful writer? But truly her voice is atypical for pop music I feel and the songs generally get me strutting down the street.

2. Jess Glynne — Always In Between

We all know her from that Clean Bandit song “Rather Be” (which reminds me of this guy I was in unrequited love with in college and he’s had a girlfriend for several years but I believe if I got invited to the wedding I would absolutely get drunk and tell him about my college crush anyway THIS ALBUM IS GREAT). Jess Glynne is such a pop power diva and her voice is so deep and rich. I love her use of horns.

3. Felix Jaehn — I

You know I love a collaborator. This album features so many awesome musicians, most of which I do not know. An album of bops! Truly this begs to be listened to while on molly. I said it!

4. Lilly Allen — No Shame

DON’T SLEEP ON LILLY ALLEN Y’ALL. This album was produced by Mark Ronson and is very sweet and good. Less focused on partying since I’m pretty sure she’s a mom now, I just love her voice.

5. KYLE — Light of Mine

Ahh Kyle is adorable. I would say for fans of Chance the Rapper & uhh…idk any pop! There are some fun tunes on here. I listen to “Clouds” daily, and then “Playinwithme” is featuring Kehlani who we love, and then there’s also “iSpy” with Lil Yachty. So many good tunes!

6. Betty Who — P. 1

First of all where is part 2 I am WAITING. Betty Who is beautiful and way better than Halsey (Sorry, I don’t like to compare women but they both really do look alike!) “Ignore Me” is a song that reminds of a boy who took me out to Max Brenner for chocolatey cocktails once and then…of course did not want anything serious with me. Anyways. I will also choreograph a group number to “Just Thought You Should Know” one day.

7. Sigala — Brighter Days

Another album that needs to have a whole party dedicated to it filled with all my friends (only the ones who can dance, sorry! This is going to be made into a movie and if you can’t do a leap and a turn you’re cut, babe.) This album makes me excited for life.

8. Chromeo — Head Over Heels

Okay this is honestly more funk than it is pop, but you gotta listen to this album. Turn it on at your next party and just let it play, I guarantee people will dance. It’s so so fun and actually the most cohesive album of all of them!

9. Chelsea Jade — Personal Best

Okay Chelsea Jade may or may not be Lorde’s sister? I discovered her cuz Lorde plugged her when she used to be on social media (come back, ella!) and they also look alike (it’s the eyes)…anyways Life of the Party is a great album, definitely in the camp of Lorde. I mostly just relisten to “Ride or Die”.

10. Tove Stryke — Sway

No, not Tove Lo (but are they from the same house, House of Tove?) She did an awesome cover of Liability, which is on this album, and it’s short but so sweet!