Aaron Carter’s Return to Music Could’ve Been So Much Worse!

Aaron Carter released a 5-track EP “Love” (I assume that’s how you pronounce it, I don’t understand those symbols) and it’s basically a ripoff of Justin Bieber’s music (Just look at the album cover! The haircut, the tattoo, even the Bieber prayer hands). But I mean…Justin Bieber’s music is good, in my opinion, so this album wasn’t bad. I did also listen to it at 4am. Here are my thoughts:

Fool’s Gold

So yeah, first thought is “Justin Bieber”…but I do enjoy it. But also, I got bored towards the end of this song.

Let Me Let You

Okay this is good! “You turning the table/while you dance on the tables”!!! He obviously got a good producer on this. This coulda been so much worse but I’m proud!

Sooner or Later

Wait…have I heard this song before? Ugh, it’s 4am. But this is really fun. Ariana Grande should be on this!

Same Way

Oh I LOVE a song about rumors. Don’t like the drop as much in this one…but I could see a very sexy music video happening here.

Dearly Departed

Ooh great song for the end of a beautiful cruise where everyone on it has had an orgy or something. LOTS of overhead drone shots, people toasting champagne, etc. The end of the BEST summer.

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