Backstreet’s Back…Alright!

Jesse Roth
Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read

With their first album in 4 years, Backstreet Boys are out to remind us that they’re in our DNA!

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1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

It’s as I suspected, BSB has gone pop. Their voices all sound higher which is probably the production. This song slaps though.

2. Nobody Else

Can’t believe I’m saying this but they are trying to sound like One Direction? The sound isn’t totally originally but ugh I’m glad they’re back!

3. Breathe

Ooh we love a song that starts with harmonies! I’m impressed. Though I will probably never actively go to listen to this song again, I hope all-male college acapella groups have a field day with this song.

4. New Love

Btw have you seen the documentary about BSB on Netflix? I hope it’s still on there because it’s fascinating. Anyways, this song is actually very cool it’s like rock and pop and shit. There are flutes!

5. Passionate

This album has a few sexy tunes on it! I’d strip to this!!! Oh and horns?? Come on.

6. Is It Just Me

Whoever produced this album is great! I like this one too — it’s a “solemn bop” which is always necessary and good.

7. Chances

In general the lyrics/subject matter of this album is pretty unoriginal. I wanna hear songs about struggling to keep your career going, or getting older ya know? Are all these boys still looking for love? This song has “momentum” and I’ll let you figure out what that means.

8. No Place

From the start this sounds like a One Direction song!!! But it’s cute. There are snaps. Lol these lyrics: “Been all around the world/done all there is to do/but you’ll be always be the home I wanna come home to.” El oh el.

9. Chateau

I liked this song before I even heard it just because of the title. This one of the better ones.

10. The Way It Was

I think this is Nick Carter leading the song! I have to say I’m almost done with this album but I am like…over it.

11. Just Like You Like It

This one is sweet. BSB has accomplished their goal of making me wish I had a boyfriend to make me dinner.

12. OK

“ok” is my favorite phrase ever and this song does not disappoint. A good one to end on!

Favorite songs: Passionate, Ok, Chateau

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