New Shit: MUSIC VIDEOS 1/11/19

Here are some music videos that have come out lately that me likes!!!

1. What Do You Wanna Do-Boy Brooks

If you’ve read my past few posts you know that Brooks is my friend and so I love him, but I also am obsessed with his music. He made a video for his new song “What Do You Wanna Do” with friend and collaborator Jordan Mendoza and the result is a super fun video that deviates from the typical “green screen” format, with Brooks going in and out of dreamy backgrounds to a backyard full of friends hanging. I love a music video that appeals to those of us with undiagnosed ADD, giving us something new with each frame! Also, we love a fisheye lens. Also sorry have to point it out but my favorite moment is when his boyfriend kisses him and gives him his guitar!!!!

2. Lucky Strike — Troye Sivan

Wow is this one a stunner. Directed by Emma Westenerg (who also directed Janelle Monae’s PYNK) this video finds Troye lusting after a beautiful bartender on a picturesque beach. For me, this video has everything: colors, a choreographed STRUT moment, more colors, and a fun ensemble that dance in the background but get to have their own moment. Also, this song is just so goddamn sexy, and the bleeding heart motif is honestly delicious!

3. Juice-Lizzo

Again, music videos are yum yum yum to me! Especially this one. Lizzo is so charismatic and fun to watch as she plays an infomercial lady, an ASMR lady, a lady with her man watching t.v., etc! The 80’s vibe is so perfect for this song, and the choreo is simple enough that I know it and do it do the song now! Quinn Wilson has directed all of Lizzo’s videos and “Juice” is one of the best. I like when the dude smacks her ass.

4. Satisfaction-ZAYN

Corn mazes on fire?! I’m in. I’m not going to try and explain what the story or message is, because I’ll sound dumb absolutely for sure, but this video, like the other ones on this list, has amazing POC diversity. Directed by Bouha Kazmi (also I feel like *now more than ever* directors are being credited for the videos in a more outright manner and I love that!), the visuals are truly stunning and almost heartbreaking. We only see Zayn for a sec in a grey tee! How selfless of him. Also, the ending of this video made me gasp! You gotta watch.

5. Wasted-Jesse McCartney

Reader, simply OH EM GEE. I discovered this video while I was watching Zayn’s! I had a different choice for number 5 but it was arbitrary tbh and THIS IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR A JESSE MCCARTNEY COMEBACK.

And wow. I am floored. Jesse is back and better than ever. This video is set in a fictional soap opera titled “The Young & The Wasted” (I mean, already come on.) and it is the campiest thing I have seen in a long time. I full blown want this video played at every party I go to. Also, the song is a CERTIFIED bop. Jesse McCartney has somehow blown through the entire program at Groundlings or something and serves you not one but SEVEN characters. It has to be seen to be believed. The subtitles, the after video scene, I just rewatched this video 10 times. I am officially spending the rest of my days stanning Jesse McCartney.