Want to Find New Apple Music Easily? You Just Need these 4 Tips.

Most of the people including me loves to listen to music every day, as music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Nowadays, most of us like to stream music online due to the development of streaming music service. What I like most is Apple Music, since it is the most featured rich music streaming service available right now.

I often spend a lot of time to listen to music on Apple Music app, and now my library has over 30,000 tracks with different types. My musical tastes are in constant flux, mutating virus-like from one month to the next. So what I spend most of my time to do is finding and discovering new music in Apple Music. Here this post, will going to share my 4 tips to discover new music in Apple Music.

#1. Beats 1 — The Worldwide is Always on

Beats 1 is a radio offering service. Alongside new music programs from our anchor DJs, Apple Music invited some of the biggest artists in the world to make some radio shows — from exclusive weekly DJ mixes to interviews with iconic musicians about albums that changed their lives.

If you just listen to Beats 1, you’re going to find a lot of music you’ll actually like and adding the song to your collection just takes 2 taps (three dotted menu button -> Add to My Music).

#2. For You — Keep Refreshing

Apple Music is always watching, in a totally non-creepy way of course. Even after you’ve told the app what genres and artists you like, it will keep track of what you’re searching, what music you’re “loving” (by tapping that heart icon), and what music you choose to add to your library.

“The more you explore, the better Apple Music gets.” All those suggestion will show up in For You section. Just keep refreshing it every now and then.

#3. New Tab — Stay Current with the World

If you want to listen to the newly released tracks or albums on Apple Music, “New” tab is the best place you should go. You can sort by genres and Apple will show you the top songs and albums along with what’s hot in that week.

#4. Connect — Social Club in Apple Music

Connect is a place in which musicians will give their fans a closer look at yo their work, inspirations, and their world. For example, musicians can post songs and videos to enhance existing albums in their discography. Which gives you a chance to gain more insight into the meaning of songs, discover sources of inspiration, and get greater depth and more context about music you may have been listening to for years.

Extra Tip: How to Get More Freedom on Apple Music Enjoyment

You should know Apple adds DRM protection to all Apple Music’s tracks to prevent piracy. Due to the terrible DRM, users can’t make full use of Apple Music. You are only allowed to listen to Apple Music on specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone and PC/Mac with an Apple Music subscription. And you’ll lost all you downloaded or added songs in your library once you canceled the Apple Music subscription.

If you want to enjoy Apple Music freely or keep the Apple Music songs after subscription ends, you have to remove the DRM protection from Apple Music. Is there any method to finish the work? Yes, you only need to get a TuneFab Apple Music Converter to help you get rid of the DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple Music to MP3 format. If necessary, just go to its official website to download the free trial version.

Try the tips above to get more songs for listening in your spare time! How do you use Apple Music to discover new music? Please help to share your experience to me, Thanks!