Tonight, I had the pleasure of tagging along with my boss to show some really awesome clients a potential investment property. Honestly, when we pulled up to the house, I thought, “there’s no way they’ll choose this one”. Now, I’m not extremely well versed in construction, renovations or even minor repairs really, (I am working on gaining such knowledge), so my imagination wasn’t running wild with visions of what could be. But this couple was great! On top of being just really great human beings, they were taking notes, snapping pictures and inspecting many areas of the home. They certainly took their time and were asking a ton of (necessary) questions. I’m grateful that my boss was there to answer them.

Before I headed home, I texted my wife to ask about our dinner plans. Now, let me say, my wife is a phenomenal cook! (Seriously). Additionally, my father taught me to eat what was put in front of me and like it. So I rarely struggle with eating what my wife prepares. But tonight she proposed a dish that simply didn’t agree with me the last time we had it. So I asked if there was an alternative at home or if I should pick up something on the way. Now, It’s no secret to my wife (or our bank account) that I’ve yet to close a real estate transaction. She informed me that picking up something was not an option but that we did have chicken nuggets and tater tots at home. At heart (well, stomach) I’m 5 years old, so this suggestion wasn’t unacceptable. But because I was looking forward to stopping by my local fast food establishment, I was a little disappointed. After a few minutes of wallowing in my feelings, I decided to get over myself and head on home.

On the way, I began to think about how similar the lives of Sarah and I are to that house that needed quite a bit of renovation. (I know, I’m so introspective. Stick with me). And how our support system of friends, family and fellow hustlers, are like the young couple who could see the potential in that home. So many people have taken the time to shine a light on our rough places, make suggestions of how to improve and stuck around to ensure that we carry through.

That young couple didn’t decide to purchase that house on the spot. Like smart real estate investors, they’ll see more properties and do their research. But if they do, I know they’ll take their time and put into it the love that makes a house a home. Right now, it’s in its chicken nuggets and tater tots phase. But the potential is there and the structure is solid. With the right amount of love, attention, and hard work, it’ll become something that they’ll look back on and say, “Remember the beginning? Look at what it’s become. Something of our dreams.”