“Real Estate Will Change Your Life”

That’s what a man told me as we sat in RH (previously Restoration Hardware) and discussed what color sofa he and his wife would need for their new lake home.

He had been with a globally known company for 5 years before starting his own firm here in NC. He assured me that it would take hard work. He used a pretty clever analogy about how a campfire can’t keep you warm without putting wood on it first but I don’t remember how it went exactly and it wouldn’t make much sense if I tried to repeat it. We talked for a few more minutes, they decided to hold of on deciding the color of their custom sofa, and away they went. No job offer, (granted, I didn’t have my license yet) and no sale.

But it didn’t matter so much about the sale. I was getting paid $10/hr either way. No commission. Did I mention that I was in the middle of planning a wedding that was 3 months away? I hoped this man was right about real estate changing my life. After 6 years of retail, I was ready for real money. Like, we don’t have to filter our yelp searches to just one $ anymore, money. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. And it hasn’t been.

I ended up failing the test to get my license. We got married and I found another class soon after. Three more months of classes but I ultimately passed with flying colors. I’ve since joined Go Realty, a local firm that is centered around being innovative, informed and straight up nice to folks. I’ve had my license for almost three months. No sale yet. But I’m in it for the long haul. What I’m building isn’t transactional (more details on that down the road). Either way, it’s going be exciting. I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys when I complete my first sale and when I’ve helped a thousand families find a new home. I’ve got BIG goals. And it’s going to take time to achieve all of them. I’m prepared for that. I hope you stick around to watch.

Love you!

Jesse Summers