Rise Review: PB&J Donut

Wondering what to eat on a gray day in August? Rise Biscuits and donuts at Southpoint has the answer today. I know that you may be in the middle of successfully “adulting”’ but I urge you to take your taste buds back to your childhood and try their PB & J Donut.

(I would insert a picture but I ate mine too quickly)

To be honest, I am unsure of the exact make up of this donut. There seems to be peanut butter in both the glaze and the batter but I could be wrong. Either way, peanut butter lovers, UNITE! What I am sure of though is that there is a delicious strawberry jam filling that is simply satisfying. The combination of sweet, salty and slightly tart effectively push back the clouds and illuminate my soul.

Do not wait to make your move towards this delectable donut. Seriously, don’t let Dave hold you up with his nonsense theory that Conor McGregor is going to race Michael Phelps in 6 months while also challenging Joey Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest. This is as real as it gets and Rise closes at 2!

Keep in mind that the menu at each location varies but if you’re not close to southpoint right now, check out the link below to see what’s offered at a location near you. They to may have the miracle that is the PB&J donut!