Saturday’s Should Be Sweet & Savory

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve got little time on my hands. I’ve just dropped off one out of town guest at the airport and will soon need to pick up another to host for the day. When I host someone, I typically like to show off the area through its many restaurants and food selections. But this individual has meetings all day so we won’t have much opportunity to wine (or coffee) and dine today.

Honestly, the brier creek area doesn’t have a ton of food options that excite me but I must admit, I haven’t tried many of them. (From what I hear, more are coming, including the best BBQ I’ve had in NC). What does excite me though is the thought of a warm biscuit and a delicious donut. Fortunately, Rise Biscuits and Donuts in Brier Creek offers the BEST DANG versions of just that. I’m no stranger here. My compadres and I have been known to linger long past closing time to finish up a meeting or maximize on quality time with a friend. But today I won’t be lingering. I’ll need to make a quick (but wise) decision and get back on the road.

Decision number one is not a decision at all. I’ll definitely be having coffee. Decision number two, what biscuit to get, isn’t a difficult one but my selection today is, for me, uncommon. Usually I’ll order a biscuit with a runny egg, a piece of meat (typically chicken or bacon) and American cheese. But today, I skipped the egg, chose the sausage and topped it with my all time favorite pimento and cheese.

Now, when it comes to choosing the donut, decision number 3, there are several things to consider. 1) What are my options? Seems like a logical consideration but because Rise has so many of them (some of which change each month) it can’t be a passing thought. 2) Old School or New School? Each month, Rise offers these two categories of donuts and neither is a poor decision. Old school includes classic options like glazed and old fashions while examples of a new school donut are ones topped with fruity pebbles and a berry glaze. Today, I decided to select from the new school and chose their PB&J, a donut which is filled with strawberry jam and has peanut butter in the donut’s mix.

The decision making process described above takes about 30 seconds but if you can control yourself, I suggest you take a little longer to consume your selections. Personally, I eat pretty quickly and on a day like today, that comes in handy. Usually though, I like to fight the temptation to do so, so that I may enjoy the mix of sweet and savory ingredients in every bite.

It’s hard to make a bad decision at Rise. They offer so many options that something is sure to court your tastebuds to a land of extreme satisfaction. Be advised though, this hub of tastiness closes everyday at 2pm. So if you’re reading this later in the day, simply work it into your schedule for tomorrow. Whether it be meal time or snack time, Rise will surely fulfill your need.

Be on the lookout for additional reviews of specific donuts and biscuits. Check out the link below for all Rise locations in the triangle area.