T-2 weeks: Arrival and

getting shit done

So here it. The big day finally came and now I’m in Boston.

2 weeks until business school classes start and I have been focused on getting the the basics set up.

Pick up keys, TICK. Get a bank account, TICK. Find decent coffee within walking distance… I think that will be a work in progress. In the meantime bought a small espresso machine from Target that is doing a respectable job.

A few learnings along the way

  • Avoid Ikea — Ikea US have managed to take an annoying but workable process in Australia and turned it into its own particular brand of hell. Everyone is specialised (code for bedroom people not able to answer questions about where to pick up lightbulbs or how to organise delivery). It is also 40 minutes away in and not all that cheap.
  • Main meals are entrees, entrees are appetizers — The word entree relates to entering and an opening, presumably to the main meal of dessert.
  • Meals are huge…-Liz and I have made the mistake of over-ordering a few times; one large pizza to share would have struggled to fit on the kitchen table. Sharing an entree and appetizer is a better option.
  • …and the beer is good — Have yet to establish whether this is a Cambridge thing or welcome change since we were last in mainland USA in 2012 but the quality of the average beer in pubs and bars is really strong. And at $6 a pint for craft beer it is good value too.
  • Boston gets hot — So who knew? Boston gets hot? Ok so 2 minutes on Google would have told me this but it’s weird to think that while I’m sweating through two shirts a day come December we’ll be wadding through feet of snow.

Well this was my first blog post. I’ll be trying to get one out every week or two with topics ranging from my business school experience, innovation in education and progress on my startup. Would be great to hear any thoughts, comments and ideas for new posts.


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