Introducing, Team Philippines!

I honestly can’t believe it. We are winding down our time in Canada and will soon be headed to the Philippines. Teams were chosen almost a month ago and I’d like to introduce to you the lovely people I will share this monumental experience with.

Braden, Timo, Juliana, Me

Juliana is a 29 year-old Brazilian who stepped out in faith only three weeks before TREK began. I am very thankful for her courage as she is the only other woman on my team. We have built a good friendship so far. We both desire a deeper relationship with God and want to experience Him in new ways. Her fun and playful personality help me relax and enjoy what God is doing in our midst.

Timo is an 18 year-old German who is gifted with a creative eye for photography. In fact, one of his pictures won an award and was on display in London last year. We look forward to the pictures he will take of our time in the Philippines. Timo is a team player with the ability to be a team leader at any moment. I appreciate how thoughtful and observant he is as well as his desire to learn and grow.

Braden is a 20 year-old Canadian who was recently baptized after being prompted by the Holy Spirit to make a life-long commitment and public declaration of his faith in Jesus. It was a joyful event for all of us to witness. Braden is very intelligent and knows a lot about the word of God. He serves us so well by being present and engaging during team times. I look forward to seeing how God works in his life during this season. He broke his right foot last week and will be on crutches for at least a month. Please pray his bones would heal at a miraculous pace.

There you have it! That’s the team the Lord has chosen for me. I couldn’t be more excited about the ways we will be stretched and grown. I truly believe we will continue to witness big moments in all of our lives during our time in the Philippines. Please keep us in your prayers.

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