Technologies that enable Digital Activity.

Most people only refer New Media to Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, but New Media is accessible through various technologies, for example, computers, laptop, smartphones and tablets. These became more popular as the 21st century went by, due to various companies making various new product that help access these New Media platforms. At the beginning, these platforms were only accessible through computers, but then various products were developed, developed so far that Google Glasses are a thing. Due the development of new technology, it is now easy to have all your important details and to contact someone from the other side of the world in a split second.

Computers and laptops were the first form of technology that it was available to access the internet, these are user friendly, easy to use and its it takes only a few clicks to get the answer you’re looking for. Due to the simpleness of laptops, as they are lightweight and easy to take on the go, they are a clear favoured form of technology. Laptops are useful for work and/or blogging as its easy to type big paragraphs easily and fast, this saves the technology user time as they wont have to write, especially if it is for multiple people. Due to the ongoing change in society, most people cant live without their laptops/computers, this is due to it being easy to communicate with multiple people, gain information for assessments etc. Laptops have also replaced TV in some way due to most TV programmes and movies are made available online or through sites/apps like Netflix and NowTV. At the beginning, laptops were bulky and heavy but due to advanced development they are being made lightweight and thinner so they don’t take up that much space, this makes it easier for people to work wherever they want. This is convenient for a lot of people making companies generate a large profit. MacBook's are the most popular laptops, due to apple not only being a trusted brand but they are built with multiple features that a lot of people appreciate or need these and sometime windows can’t provide. MacBook's also have better retina display which is better for designers, artist, illustrators etc. Although windows tend to be better for hard-core PC gamers and less expensive they still lack in some key aspects, like fighting viruses, malware and other tools used by hackers. Where as apple have this protection built in, therefore apple tends to be favoured over windows and other brands.

Another device used amongst most people are mobile/smart phones. These devices have changed the world’s culture and will continue to do so as technology develops. These devices became more popular as the 21st century went by, this is because mobile phone are the easiest device to transport and they offer the most stuff needed, such as emails, phone call, social media etc. These devices are great as they offer so much, emails are easy to access any where, you can call anyone from the other side of the world without a problem, you can also make notes in the memo pad which is helpful if you don’t have a notebook. Most mobile phones are equipped with calendars making it easy for you to keep track of dates, you can easily phone and text people worldwide, you can also go on social media wherever you are. Mobile phones are convenient and easy to transport as they are usually small enough to fit into your pocket. Mobile phones do create a boundary between people, due to them being convenient and appealing to the everyday persons, people tend to spend all their time on them, afraid to miss out on a new trend or new viral video. its makes society as a whole diminish as we tend to just talk to people online, therefore we never miss a thing. Therefor people tend to more time online than with real people, but the mobile phone is helpful for the everyday person due to mobile phone is easy to transport and it offers everything you need, just don’t spend to much time on it. Like laptops the most favoured brand of mobile/smart phones is apple, this being because, again, they are a trusted brand but also because iPhones are so advanced and keep developing, they are like mini laptops for your pocket, most built-in with more features than laptops. a few reasons apple is more preferred than android is due to apple offers fast updates, which every apple user receives at the same time, whereas android takes a few months for all users to receive the update, this can be a problem for some people. apple also offers other features like iCloud sharing, apple store for help with you're device and of course earphone controls, all of which android don't offer.

Another device that’s hit the world by storm is the tablet, otherwise known as “The pinnacle of mobile technology”. Tablets are appealing as they’re lightweight, compact and easy to travel with. Most people prefer these to watch movies on or give to their children to play games, due to them being user friendly like laptops, but unfortunately aren't as powerful and have less functions as the laptop. Tablets are easy for taking notes and have the function of plugging a keyboard in and typing away. Most people use tablets to read, for example, the kindle and kindle fire offer just that purpose, they are also used to access the internet, watch movies, play games and access social media. They are also be used by music producers and designers as they are compact and easy to work with and offer a comfortable work environment without bulky devices. They are also cheaper and more affordable than a laptop, whilst doing the same job, but as said before they don’t have as much processing power as laptops making them not suitable for every job. They are portable but not as portable as mobile phones, as you cant fit a iPad in you’re pocket, but are still a great alternative to laptops depending on your desired uses. As you can imagine apple have dominated this department of technology as well, due to offering the best services for people with tablets. The key differences between iPads and android tablets are apple tend to be more expensive, apple offer more apps and more features, apple also offers a more safe software, like MacBook’s and iPhones.

The most recent device google launched is the Google Glass, this has it’s pros and cons. The essential need for this is to make technology more portable, the device is simply a pair of glasses that you can access Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail, many developers have also been busy making applications for the Google Glass, for example, facial recognition, exercise, photo manipulation, translation, and access to social networks. Google Glass’s first prototype was unfortunately discontinued due to privacy and safety concerns but they are developing a Google Glass 2. One of the most common use for the Google Glass is accessing everyday mobile/smart phone applications without having the device in your hand, its helps with other things, due to built in google maps, this can help with getting directions. Google are planning to launched a second series, which are rumoured to have a new hinge system and a wearable battery, for traveling, working etc and also comes in a sports edition, so the athletes aren’t left out. These come at a price though, with Series 2’s price still not made public yet but by Series 1’s price could be fairly expensive, Series 1 was a ridiculous sum of $1,500, the price all depends on what feature you want on your Google Glass. Google Glass’s main competitors are Meta Pro, Priced at $2,985 (about £1,829, AU$3,349), Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, Priced at $999.99 (about £611/AU$1,116) and Optinvent Ora-S AR, Priced at $949 or £699 (about AU$1,059), these have all been released and have had much sucess so their is potential that Google Glass will make a huge profit for the company.

Overall, many different devices are being used to access new media platforms and more are being developed as the days go on. These devices can be good for efficiency but also have a negative impact on society, the users just need to find the right balance between the two. These devices are also a good financial investment as they tend to make life easier and more efficient.


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