Have an anonymous TED Talk? We want to hear it.
Chris Anderson

This could become the perfect platform for Phoneme Encoding — see http://free-ideas.org/tech/phoneme.html — which might drastically reduce the storage required for audio files of human speech. Audible is welcome to take the idea and run with it.

One problem with TED talks, visible or not, anonymous or not, is that they select most strongly for speaking ability; lots of people have really excellent ideas but are poor speakers, either due to speech impediments or to excessive nervousness or to nonlinear thought processes that don’t easily translate into a smooth narrative. Not all these people are just too lazy to “larn ta talk good”. It would be nice if TED applied some of its editorial selection skills to WRITTEN “talks” or presentations submitted the same way — sort of a “curated blog” — it might be called “TED Blogs”.

Just a thought.

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