As Vimeo focuses on becoming a world class platform for video creators, we wanted to help empower our users to share and distribute their content directly from the Vimeo site. Welcome, the Export to Instagram button and modal!

Prototype created with Principle

My Role

Vimeo’s Instagram Users

Instagram profile of Jacob Rosenberg, a Vimeo Pro member.

Problem: Sharing your Vimeo video on Instagram is a long process involving multiple devices

Sharing Vimeo Videos to Instagram — The Hard Way

  1. Transfer video file from computer to phone
  2. Upload video to Instagram using phone

A 3-step process isn’t too bad, right? Well, it can be pretty terrible when the file size of most videos are quite large. Video files take time to download and time to transfer. Even regardless of the time spent, the whole process of posting a video from Vimeo to Instagram likely involves a handoff from desktop to mobile, since 94.13% of Vimeo’s users upload videos from desktop.

Our Solution: Upload to Instagram, Straight from Vimeo’s Website

Sharing Vimeo Videos to Instagram — The Easy Way

  1. Upload video to Instagram (without leaving Vimeo!)

Designing the Flow

Since our users are uploading to Instagram from within the Vimeo site, we have to ensure that much of Instagram’s built-in video editing functionality is preserved within our own uploader. This includes: trimming, cropping, choosing a thumbnail, and writing a description.

The user first selects the portion of their video that they wish to upload to Instagram and then they can choose between a square crop or white borders for their video, as well as choose a thumbnail and write description.

Taking it One Step Further: The Staff Pick Overlay

Currently, the marketing team manually creates custom Staff Pick Instagram assets to send to each Staff Picked creator. That’s a lot of assets!

A collection of Vimeo users who have posted Vimeo’s Staff Pick assets onto their Instagrams

We wanted to expedite this process by allowing users, whose videos have been Staff Picked, access to the Staff Pick toggle in the Export to Instagram Flow. Users whose videos have not been Staff Picked will only see the Square Crop toggle.

I had an amazing time working with my fellow interns to get this idea built and working. We demo’d our hack at the end of the summer and the company loved it! Check out the demo below.

Live demo from Victoria Nazari

Product designer in NYC

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