Vimeo and Instagram

Prototype created with Principle

My Role

This project was completed with a team of designers and engineers as part of a summer long hack project. I led the product vision (need-finding and ideation) as well as the design and prototyping. Vimeo’s Business Intelligence team helped us get numbers around the percentage of Instagram profiles linked on Vimeo profiles as well as the breakdown of uploads by device.

Vimeo’s Instagram Users

Many of our creators are avid Instagram users. If you go onto one of their Instagram profiles, you’ll likely see a grid populated with videos. These videos are often clips of the creator’s new Vimeo content.

Instagram profile of Jacob Rosenberg, a Vimeo Pro member.

Problem: Sharing your Vimeo video on Instagram is a long process involving multiple devices

Since Instagram has a 60 second limit for videos, users have to post trimmed clips of their original Vimeo video. Let’s think about how someone might have gone about doing this.

Sharing Vimeo Videos to Instagram — The Hard Way

  1. Upload video onto Vimeo (desktop site)
  2. Transfer video file from computer to phone
  3. Upload video to Instagram using phone

Our Solution: Upload to Instagram, Straight from Vimeo’s Website

To ease this process,we wanted to remove the annoying intermediary step of transferring large video files.

Sharing Vimeo Videos to Instagram — The Easy Way

  1. Upload video to Vimeo
  2. Upload video to Instagram (without leaving Vimeo!)

Designing the Flow

Taking it One Step Further: The Staff Pick Overlay

An interesting idea that came out of this project was the decision to include the Staff Pick Overlay toggle in the modal flow. Staff Picks are coveted symbols for Vimeo’s creators, as these videos are hand picked by Vimeo staff and are featured across the Vimeo site. Staff Picked videos are worthy of recognition and we want our creators to be able to easily flaunt their Staff Picked status, especially on their Instagrams.

A collection of Vimeo users who have posted Vimeo’s Staff Pick assets onto their Instagrams
Live demo from Victoria Nazari





Product designer in NYC

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