Headlines are one of the most important parts of writing an article. It is the first thing the reader sees. As Communication Arts students, it is our job to make headlines that will engage our readers to read more.

Last week, our group was assigned to make three different headlines to be posted on three different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and our blog medium. We decided to write about Leo Varadkar.


On Twitter, we garnered 22 likes and 17 retweets. One of our strategies here is to use the hashtag, #Pride2017, that is the hashtag for this year’s Pride Month. Also, we took time to find if Leo Varadkar has a twitter account, for us to mention him in our tweet.


On Facebook, we garnered 33 reactions, 2 comments, and 3 shares. We also used the #PrideMonth hashtag and emojis to engage our readers. We redirected our blog medium link here wherein we summarized the data given to us by our professor.

Blog medium:

On our blog, we decided to put 3 facts about Leo Varadkar. We believed this will bring interest readers to click on our blog.

Overall, this activity was an avenue for us to learn about the importance of headlines and how they differ across platforms.

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