My Go-to Friends

Remember the movie, Her (2013)?

She’s Scarlett Johansson!

It’s a movie wherein Theodore, played by Joaquin Phoenix, fell in love with an operating system. Let me say, in his defense, who would not have fallen in love with Scarlett’s voice?

Also, in the technological times, some people do not solely rely to human connection to have fun. There are humans who live in and through the internet. They prefer to stay at home and scroll down the depths of their favourite websites until they lose track of time.

Surprise! I am one of those humans. With that being said, I will introduce my go-to friends aka R.E.N. (Research, Entertainment, News).

First is R — Research.

I mostly do research for academic purposes. Being a LaSallian (for God and Country), of course, I utilize our library’s online resources. then go to Libraries.

This website is an oasis for students who are having a hard time looking for credible academic resources. The online library has a huge collection of eBooks, e-Journals, databases, etc. that you could access through DLSU email.

Meet LORA.

If you are confused, you could also chat with Library Online Reference Assistance aka LORA, a female virtual icon of a DLSU librarian. (Hmm, Scarlet Johansson?)

If R’s a human, he could be R from Warm Bodies.

Technically, R’s a zombie, but that is also a part of my justification.

I am not saying that the DLSU online library is dead, but it is because I only visit it occasionally, e.g., research for a literature review. (Thanks for being part of my MASSCOM class journey.)

Despite R’s character being dead, he is interesting and intelligent. In the case of R — the website, it’s design is “dead”, my metaphor for plain. However, it contains a collection of useful, insightful, and interesting reads.

I would recommend this website to everyone, especially to students like me. I promise, R will be your smartest best friend.

Second is E — Entertainment.

Being a Communications Arts student and a film enthusiast, iMDb is my go-to friend.

Aside from the massive list of films and credits, iMDB also has news, forums, and ratings that keep me updated and informed. Also, it allows me to create a watch-list wherein I could keep track of the films and shows I have and haven’t watched.

iMDb even allows you to discover film gems.

If E’s a human, then he could be Tsutaya from If Cats Disappeared From The World.

In the film, Tsutaya owns a movie store. He has an extensive array of movies just like iMDb.

I always try to watch a movie every night, so I visit iMDb almost daily. In the website’s forum, there are various recommendations from users just like me. I love the fact that I could read reviews from other users and I could interact and talk to them as well.

Just like iMDb, Tsutaya recommends good movies to the main character everyday. That is why I imagine the website as a film-geek best friend like him.

I am sure that film geeks are already aware of this website. I recommend this site to budding enthusiasts. Just like what I have mentioned above, iMDb has a lot of movie gems you will discover. Go and dig deeper!

Third is N — News.

To be honest, I access news through direct links from Facebook and Twitter, that is why I do not have a news site I frequently visit.

However, I do have a go-to site for soft news and features.

Whenever I am bored, I go to because they have interesting reads from cheap eats to humorous top tens. The site is very suitable for millennial readers, since it is like buzzfeed.

Your One-Stop Urban Lifestyle Guide to the Best of Manila

The website has various sections for different interests such as Eat+Drink and Arts+Culture.

My favorite is Humor in the News+Features section because the articles are relatable to the point that they become funny.

If E’s a human, then she could be Kris Aquino.


Kris Aquino is known for her lifestyle show, Kris TV. The articles in is are like the segments in her show, e.g., different restaurants in the metro and travel go-to’s.

Also, while reading some of the articles from spot, I feel like a sosyal and friendly tita had written them for me. The contents are fun and “love love love!”

If you like informative and fun quick-reads, mostly about urban life, then I recommend this website.

All in all, websites have their own purposes. Even though I do not go to websites like CNN or NASA often, they are still essential and beneficial. Frequency does not equate to utility.

My favorite website could just be something that makes me laugh. However, it is also important to remember that we should not take the internet for granted. We must also use it for informative, helpful, and ethical purposes.

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