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How these don’t cooperate, but they’re finna

Why? Because that’s not how capitalism worked in the past. Let’s just for a moment blame it on the lack of technology. Sure, product design in the past could only function in X or Y capacities, but we’ve advanced so far. Look at the iPhone, holy fuck. What are calculator sales like?


So take that — and apply it to everything.

Look at the demands of our workforce. Job postings say that *you* (highly skilled worker and also you look great today!) need to know and do way more to be qualified for certain positions. In a few years, we’re about to minimalize our employment rates [laugh/tear emoji].

So if us hoomans are expected to do more, why aren’t we demanding our non-digital products do the same?

[enter how design is going to save the world]


….to be continued…

With love & frustration

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